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Hurricane Irma Notice


Dear Customers,

Hurricane Irma will likely make landfall in Florida over the weekend. As you are aware, our offices are located in Miami. Our team at DadeSystems has been monitoring the storm’s path all week and we have activated our emergency disaster recovery plan. While we may experience some delays of our FLA staff if we lose power and cell phone connectivity, we have several members of our team located in areas outside of FLA to ensure that our systems are operating properly and we are available to support you.

  • Our customer support line has been expanded to include team members outside of Miami to accept support calls. Please do not email individuals any support issues, as this may impact our ability to respond.
    • SaaS customers, please direct support issues to so we can receive the request to the entire team.
    • In-house customers, please direct support issues to so we can receive the request to the entire team.
  • We closed our Miami offices yesterday. Our Miami staff is working from home Thursday and Friday so they can make sure their families and homes are safe, and we can continue with our regular operations.
  • Our management team has calls twice a day throughout the entire Hurricane to make sure we continue to stay prepared and adjust our operations if necessary.
  • Key members of our management team will be relocated to North Carolina and Ohio tomorrow. The rest of our management team is located in Boca Raton, Orlando, and Las Vegas.
  • We expect to return to normal operations in our Miami offices on Monday, but will allow our employees to continue to work from home if necessary.

Our approach has been to make sure we take care of our employees that will be affected in FLA, but also to ensure that our systems and service levels are not impacted. Our primary servers are located in the State of Washington, with back-up redundancy available in the eastern U.S. Our team has access to monitor our systems and we do not expect any impacts from Hurricane Irma.

In closing, our preparations are to make sure are customers are not impacted while taking care of our employees. With our support team expanded and our operations team more geographically disbursed, you can rest assured Hurricane Irma should have minimal or no impact.

Thank you for your continued confidence with the team at DadeSystems. If you have any questions, please contact me at 407-415-8785 or via email.

Tom Berdan