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Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

DadeSystems is seeking a top-notch software developer to join its team


  • Work with your team to deliver stories from the team’s sprint goals.
  • Help to plan and groom future work.
  • Lead some technical design for new stories.
  • Handle Escalated Support Tickets
  • Review Pull Requests from teammates.
  • Pair program with other Engineers.
  • Take on at least one additional team role (e.g. Scrum Lead, CI lead, etc.)
  • Stay on top of relevant industry trends and bring that knowledge into the team.
  • Improve the code case with new ideas or patterns.
  • Develop a sub-specialty of expertise e.g. DevOps, Mobile, Rails


  • Excellent coder able to produce great rails code
  • Likes work with people

About DadeSystems Engineering

Small Engineering Team: 11

Stack:  Ruby on Rails (5) Postgres, Redis

Development Cycle:  2-week sprints with a week in between sprints for platform improvements, tech debt payback, and bug fixes.

Team: Founding CTO and many original developers are still active members of the team.

Core Values:


Care about each other. Treat each other with respect and kindness. Help out when needed. Volunteer your assistance. Reach out to teammates who are struggling.

Care about clients. Support them well.


A half-finished product is no product. Nothing counts until it’s in the hands of the client. We don’t get paid for promises; we get paid for the delivery of working software.


Commit to self-improvement. Always be learning.


This position can be based remotely, or in Miami, FL.

If interested, please use the form below to send your resume.