What Used to Take Haas Door All Day Now Takes Minutes Thanks to DadeSystems

Haas Door Company

Family-owned and based in Northwest Ohio, Haas Door Company has been manufacturing top quality garage doors in Wauseon, Ohio for nearly 25 years. The company manufactures sectional doors crafted of aluminum and steel for residential and commercial applications and sells exclusively through dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

Haas Door’s customers have traditionally made mostly check payments, with only a small number of invoices being electronically paid by ACH. No matter the payment method, prior to the implementation of DadePay AR Automation from DadeSystems, the cash application and reconciliation process was completely manual. Recognizing the need for its credit management and accounting functions to spend less time matching, applying, and reconciling payments manually, Haas Door implemented DadePay in 2017.


In 2016, most payments made to Haas Door were by check. Manually applying and reconciling check payments to customer invoices and accounts would take the company’s credit manager the majority of each day. Discounting further complicated the reconciliation process since customers would write and send the check payment on the final day of the discount deadline—arriving to Haas Door after the discount technically expired. The company did have a small number of clients paying by ACH (about 10 percent) prior to the implementation of DadePay, but those too were manually reconciled and applied. ACH payments also required an authorization which meant forms were being mailed or faxed back and forth from the customer.

“How can we automate the application of payments?” asked Brent Ringenberg, controller at Haas Door Company. “We knew automation was critical to freeing up our accounting staff to spend more time focused on more meaningful customer interactions.”

Haas Door


  • Garage Door Manufacturing


  • DadePay Cash Application
  • DadePay ePayment Customer Portal


  • Single platform with advanced technology
  • Increased AR staff productivity; reduced staffing costs
  • Enhanced check reading accuracy
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • World-class customer service


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Payment application process down from days to minutes
  • Doubled payment volume with no change in accounting staff count


Haas Door implemented a custom online invoicing portal, along with DadePay Cash Application and the DadePay ePayment Customer Portal in 2017. Since that time, the company’s payment mix has seen ACH payments increase to 70 percent of total payments. Now with the increase in ACH payments and the remaining large volume of check payments, DadePay automates the invoice matching and reconciliation for all the payments.

“Even with ACH payments, before DadePay all the administrative pain was still there,” said Arlan Yoder, vice president of finance at Haas Door Company. DadePay uses artificial intelligence to automatically match remittance information, which can be received, along with the check or from an email, PDF or file several days before the deposit. With DadePay, the electronic payments workflow is completely automated, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Haas Door also uses DadePay ePayment Customer Portal which is integrated with DadePay Cash Application to enable electronic bill presentment and payment for their clients. With the DadePay platform, all of Haas Door’s payments are now matched automatically, whether paper or ACH.

“We gave clients a six-month grace period to get used to accessing and paying invoices online before moving to online invoice delivery only, and once they tried it out, they loved the convenience,” said Ringenberg. “Integrating the DadePay Customer Portal with our online invoice portal made it easy and natural for our customers to begin paying online. We now also insist that the discount deadline be adhered to, so scheduling ACH payments means clients can still pay on the last day of the deadline and not miss out because of the lag time between writing and mailing a check.”


In addition to improving the customers’ payment experience, Haas Door has experienced the added benefit of cost-savings related to— and better utilization of—the accounting team’s time.

“It used to take our credit manager the better part of each day to process payments,” said Ringenberg. “Since DadePay, we’ve been able to make accounts receivables more of a clerical accounting function, freeing our credit manager to focus on bringing on new customers and having more proactive conversations with existing customers.”

And, despite doubling payments volume over the last ten years, Haas Door has been able to maintain the same level of accounts receivable staff.

“Payment quality and volume has gone up dramatically,” said Yoder. “Today, nearly 70 percent of payments are self-transacted.”

Haas Door Company is committed to the highest levels of quality and service and believes how it deals with customers’ payments is an important reflection of its culture.

“The discipline and professionalism with which we handle customer payments reflects the complexion and culture of our company,” said Yoder. “We feel strongly that DadePay helps us maintain a certain image—that we are a professional and efficient company to do business with. We are serious about making it easy to do business with us. We understand that small businesses don’t have time to spend on inefficient and cumbersome payment processes. DadePay streamlines the process and its intuitive interface makes it easy to use.”

Download the complete case study in PDF format here.

“We feel strongly that DadeSystems helps us maintain a certain image — that we are a professional and efficient company to do business with.”

Arlan Yoder
Vice President of Finance
Haas Door Company

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