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Welcome to DadeSystems

Who We Are

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, DadeSystems was launched in 2011 with one singular purpose—to deliver a clean slate, next generation suite of innovative payment systems that would revolutionize how organizations handle their incoming payments. Our goal from the start was to help clients achieve unprecedented efficiencies and bottom-line benefits. Through our advanced technology platform and decades of receivable solution experience, the result is the DadePay family of products, a robust system with the most advanced features and capabilities in the industry.

DadeSystems was founded by David Wilson, one of the country’s leading payment solutions experts and a successful entrepreneur who founded ERAS JV in 1995.  The company pioneered the development and implementation of the first web-based lockbox, check image processing, cash letter clearing, document imaging, positive pay, account monitoring, overdraft control and ATM balancing solutions. ERAS JV’s success led to an acquisition by Diebold, and soon thereafter, David set out to revolutionize the payments industry once again, founding DadeSystems in 2011.


Today, DadeSystems combines state-of-the-art payment processing systems with a team of highly experienced professionals who possess hands-on, real-world knowledge in account receivables, lockbox and item processing. This marriage of technology and expertise enables DadeSystems clients to meet the toughest account receivables management challenges, even in today’s complex, highly distributed, multi-channel environment.


With a diverse range of clients—banks and credit unions, manufacturers, property management firms, insurers, distributors and other organizations—DadeSystems innovative payment systems are dedicated to delivering payment solutions that empower clients to gain control, transparency and  visibility over the entire payment lifecycle to ultimately, increase their profitability.

Our vision was to build a next generation integrated  receivable solution
that would truly revolutionize how an enterprise processes incoming payments.

We set some pretty high standards with what our solution needed to support, including:


  • Simple and rapid deployment based on a browser of the customer’s choice
  • Native support for mobile platforms including both iOS and Android
  • SaaS delivery model that facilitates rapid deployments and allows for continual application improvements through application refreshes that don’t require customer upgrades
  • An innovative payment processing system that doesn’t require any modification of our customers’ existing applications
  • The ability to capture a businesses’ payment at the point of presentment, whether it be at the central office or in the field, through a mobile device
  • An image analysis engine that can read and interpret all possible information on the payment or remittance documents
  • A matching engine that can pair payments to outstanding invoices and improve over time as it recognizes past matching patterns
  • The ability to process a payment straight through including the update to the customer’s billing/AR system without manual intervention

Today we’ve realized our vision
with the DadePay family of products.

Meet Our Team of Receivable Solution Experts

Dave Wilson, Founder and Chief Architect

Dave is the founder of DadeSystems and has been a pioneer in the industry of innovative payment systems for over twenty years. He founded ERAS JV in 1995 where he pioneered the development and implementation of the first web-based lockbox, check image processing, cash letter clearing, document imaging, positive pay, account monitoring, overdraft control and ATM balancing solutions.  Dave and his team also developed and implemented the National Check Image Exchange for Mexico a full two years ahead of Check 21’s introduction into the US.  ERAS JV’s success, with over 250 clients, led to the acquisition of the company by Diebold in 2006.   In 2011, he left Diebold ERAS and founded DadeSystems. Dave holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Quantitative Informational Sciences from Western Illinois University.


Bill Zayas, President and CEO

A financial services and technology industry veteran with more than 30 years’ experience, Bill was formerly Chief Operating Officer of U.S. operations for Canadian-based D+H, a  leading provider of technology solutions to more than 6,000 North American financial institutions and a Top 25 Fin Tech provider.  Prior to D+H, Zayas served as president and chief operating officer of Harland Financial Solutions where he was responsible for the company’s global operations, overseeing all aspects of the company’s 5,000 client banks and credit unions, 15 offices in the US, Ireland, India and Israel, as well as more than 1300  employees.  Prior to Harland, Zayas held executive management positions with EDS/Newtrend, Open Solutions, and Phoenix International.


Dan Sollis, Executive Vice President of Business Development

Dan is a technology sales leader with over 30 years in the industry. During 16 years with Digital Equipment he rose to VP for its Canadian Financial Services division. Dan led sales at Sanchez Computer Associates helping the company grow from under $16M to over $100M in 7 years before its acquisition by FIS. More recently he has led sales at Infogix and Bluepoint Solutions. Dan holds a BA in Economics from the University of Victoria and an MBA from the University of British Columbia.


Doug Hathaway, Chief Technology Officer

Doug is an evangelist for next generation receivable solutions. He is a leader in the Ruby on Rails community and an advocate of an agile test driven methodology for development.  Prior to joining DadeSystems, Doug worked as a software engineer with Lockheed Martin. As a founding member of DadeSystems, Doug is responsible for leading the team that developed the company’s revolutionary innovative payment processing system. Doug has both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.


Tom Berdan, Chief Marketing Officer
A financial services and technology industry veteran with more than 30 years’ experience, Berdan was formerly Vice President of Market Development for Canadian-based D+H, a leading provider of technology solutions to more than 8,000 global financial institutions and a Top 20 FinTech provider. During his tenure, Berdan had responsibilities for the alliance management, consulting outreach, and key association relationship management for the D+H USA products.

Prior to D+H, Berdan served as Vice President of Product Management at Harland Financial Solutions, where he was responsible for leading the company’s product strategy for core banking, branch automation, channel and receivable solutions. Prior to Harland, Berdan was a veteran banker, including opening several community banks in Wisconsin and Florida. He served on the bank’s Board of Directors as Chief Operating Officer and as President of the bank’s wholly owned mortgage company.


Michael Capote, Chief Information Officer

Michael has nearly 20 years of international IT leadership and systems implementations experience in a variety of government, private, and public organizations. He has served as the Global Privacy Officer for Burger King Worldwide and has been responsible for IT security, governance, and regulatory compliance initiatives in a variety of industry sectors.

Michael has extensive experience driving the effective use & management of information technology solutions through partnerships with IT departments, Internal & External Auditors, and Legal Counsels to deliver technology, privacy & security, and infrastructure & compliance strategic plans, assessments and remediation engagements.

Michael is a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Privacy Professional, PMP, and holds Masters degrees in Public Administration and Criminal Justice. Michael is also a Ph.D. Candidate at the Askew school of Public Administration and Policy, and a graduate of the F.B.I’s citizens academy.


Pilar Rodriguez, Vice President of Customer Advocacy

Pilar is our customer advocate that has helped DadeSystems deliver a level of customer satisfaction unseen in our industry. She gained her payments expertise while working with Dave and Carlos at ERAS. She is one of the founding members of DadeSystems and has been responsible for leading implementation and support functions for the company’s payment processing systems. Pilar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Miami.


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