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Payment Solutions for Businesses

Customers today desire the flexibility to offer a wide range of payment options beyond the traditional cash and checks, to include electronic payments and credit cards. The problem is that accepting all these varied payment types creates several hours of manual work for your accounts receivable team to matching payments to invoices. Even saving just a few hours a month can add up to a significant ROI by accelerating the posting of all payments quicker, reducing credit holds for your customers, and allowing you to focus on handling discrepancies sooner.


DadeSystems lets businesses of all types work in the cloud, which in many ways can be safer than operating hardware and software on premise. Cloud-based solutions are secure and can easily meet compliance regulations, in addition to requiring less infrastructure and management onsite from the company.


With the DadePay ePayment Customer Portal, DadeSystems can also help your business provide a customized, branded portal that allows your customers to securely log in from any computer or mobile device and make or schedule electronic payments, without taking up the time of your AR staff managing accepting payments in a call center.

Payment Solutions for Banks

Financial institutions don’t have to be giants to be successful, and with DadeSystems suite of payment products designed for banks, institutions of all size can provide cutting-edge treasury management solutions for the corporate customer.


DadePay Integrated Receivables automatically records all incoming payments and with its machine learning, matches the payment to open invoices, posts to the ERP system, and deposits all checks electronically at your bank. Your customers benefit by having the bank process all the corporate’s payments, and provide a cloud based archive so all payments can be researched quickly though a browser.


Using DadePay RDC for Banks, your Bank can now offer your customers the most advanced RDC solution in the market today.  DadePay RDC for Banks offer new advanced capabilities, including full page scanning of detailed remittances, complete browser support, and Mobile RDC allowing you to capture multiple checks quickly and securely.  More importantly, DadePay RDC for Banks is part of the DadePay Integrated Receivable solution suite, and you can enable full Integrated Receivables processing through the same solution when your customers’ needs grow to include more than just RDC payments.

Payment Solutions for Credit Unions

As an indirect lender, most credit unions spend many hours to matching members payments to their loans. DadePay Loan Remittance Servicing uses machine learning technologies to automatically match the payment to the loan, making your operations more efficient and your loan portfolio more profitable.


Credit Unions can also implement the DadePay ePayment portal to allow their members to quickly make or schedule online loan payments.  Once the payment is processed, a file is automatically generated to initiate the ACH payments and to update your loan servicing system. Members can make monthly payments or set up an automated payment process including creating payment reminders.  Give your members a better experience for your Credit Union to self-service their loans, which reduces the expensive manual servicing or call center operations to support member payments.