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DadeSystems announces that the first customer of its DadePay Mailroom has gone live

Miami, FL – December 29, 2011 – DadeSystems announces today that the first customer of it DadePay Mailroom solution has gone live. Carlos Rodriguez, Chief Strategy Officer of DadeSystems, commented: “We’re very happy to see the first customer of DadePay Mailroom successfully using our application. Working closely with the customer, we were able to identify unique challenges in automating the processing of checks coming from bill pay providers. These checks are coming in without the coupons you would typically expect to see in a payment, so we created a new module that is able to infer what account should be paid for the bill pay check in question. The result is we’re processing over 90% of the customers payments without any further research or keying by the credit union. Our customer is very happy and has already helped us close several new deals within the credit union market.”