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With a pandemic-induced recession that’s created a cash crunch, a rapid shift to remote work, and a critical business imperative for digitization, there’s now a greater need than ever for organizations to modernize their accounts receivable (AR) processes.

Is your AR department struggling to keep up with an increase in payment volumes and types? You’re not alone. As adoption of physical and virtual card, as well as ACH grows, matching payments to open invoices can become more challenging, especially if remittance is de-coupled from the payment. Applying cash from check payments can involve significant manual keying as well. Implementing modern-day best practices will ensure scalability, efficiency, business continuity and data security now and in times of new pressures and disruptions.

Businesses across all industries – from an industrial supply wholesaler to a major food distributor – can centralize and streamline AR today while laying a foundation that supports future growth in payment volumes without growth in team size.

If you’re ready to reduce payment processing costs and modernize and scale your AR operations, download our guide: AR’s Evolution: How Companies Across Industries Are Harnessing the Power of Automation.

Within our guide, you will discover:

  • How AR automation can help you reduce costs
  • The power of empowering customers to pay on their own terms
  • The difference mobile can make for your customers’ experience and employees’ productivity

Download AR’s Evolution: How Companies Across Industries Are Harnessing the Power of Automation