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Online Payment portals are becoming more common for all types of businesses. In the past, only the largest companies had the resources to build an online payment portal for their customers. Your ePayment portal’s goal should be twofold: providing actionable information for your customers, including open invoices, and the ability for the customer to make or schedule payments.

DadePay ePayment portal provides the flexibility to offer these options, but even more benefits for the supplier:

  1. We support invoice or account-based receivable information at a summary level or with detailed information. This information is updated daily from a download from your billing or ERP system.
  2. Payment types include ACH and credit cards. As a supplier, you can choose the payment types for each customer.
  3. Through our partnership with Plastiq, you can now offer to accept credit card payments without the requirement to have a merchant account. The payer can use their corporate p-card or personal card to earn cash-back rewards to make payments, and you receive the full payment by ACH automatically to your corporate account.
  4. The online payment portal also provides a customer service function to enable your team to accept payments over the phone.
  5. Many suppliers offer payment discount terms, and those terms can be updated to reflect when the payment is scheduled or received, eliminating ineligible discounting after the expiration date.
  6. Finally, all payments are 100% auto-validated and reconciled to efficiency apply all of your customer’s payments and updating your billing system.

DadePay ePayment portals offer you a new payment channel for banks, businesses, and credit unions and can be implemented in 60 days or less. Also, portals provide more convenience and an excellent experience for your customers, reduce calls, and provide you efficiency. Allow us to offer you a demonstration and show how you can add this new payment channel for your company.