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Our payment portals for businesses provide convenience for your customers to accept payments online. Traditionally, most payment portals have used ACH as the primary method of payment. Some companies allow for credit card payments, but that can often be costly, depending on your average billing and merchant fees.

What if you could accept card payments without requiring a merchant account and fees?
Through our partnership with Plastiq, DadePay’s ePayment portal can now accept credit card payments that are paid by the buyer.

Why would the buyer want to pay the merchant account fees?

For many small businesses, controlling cash flow is paramount. Thus, in making the payment with their credit card, they can take the discount if that is part of your credit terms and defer the payment for up to 30 days.
Even if you don’t offer a discount to the payer, the buyer can also benefit by earning cashback or reward points.
Also, you may have payers that would like to use their corporate payment cards. With DadePay’s ePayment portal payers now have the option to accept payment cards.
Plastiq creates an account for the biller and handles the settlement of the payer’s card. Plastiq then sends to the biller 100% of the invoice payment(s) via ACH as soon as the next day. The biller benefits from receiving full payment, no reconciliation, and now offering card transactions as part of the portal payment options.

Request a demo to see how our ePayment portal will allow you to accept credit card payments without a merchant account & how it can benefit your company.