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Integrated Receivables

Three Reasons you need Integrated Receivables NOW

DadeSystems is a leader in providing advanced Integrated Receivables solutions.  Bankers today are looking for options to expand their legacy treasury management solutions, with the top three reasons being: 


    1. Growing and attracting deposits.
    2. Expanding fee based treasury services.
    3. Corporate customers are willing to pay for these services and prefer that their bank provide integrated receivables.


Corporate customers are struggling with efficiently collecting money from their customers and optimizing cash application as the payments shift from paper to electronic.

Remote Deposit Capture – the gateway to integrated receivables

Banks have traditionally provided remote deposit capture, but those legacy RDC applications can’t support integrated receivables.  For your largest corporate customers payment trends are shifting to more electronic payments, and therefore, they need a complete Integrated Receivables solution.

To learn how remote deposit capture can become an essential foundation to your integrated receivables strategy, download our white paper from Aite “RDC: A Stepping Stone to Integrated Receivables”

Learn how DadeSystems can help your bank


DadeSystems Integrated Receivables will enable your bank to expand its current treasury services or start offering new treasury solutions.


DadeSystems is a “bank friendly” FinTech.  What does that mean?  If you partner with us, you will not only get our award winning DadePay solution to handle all of your corporate payments, but we will not engage with any corporate that is your customer? Why?  It’s simple, we want you to succeed, and provide the services to your corporate!

Integrated Receivables – Celent Report

Corporates are now seeking our FinTechs, like DadeSystems to provide them the Integrated Receivables to automate all payments, including electronic payments. Celent Research did a report in 2018 on the state of integrated receivables, and awarded DadeSystems several awards, including most advanced technology.

You can request your copy of the report below