Automatically Capture and Apply All of Your Business Payments

DadePay Cash Application Automation helps your AR team scale and work smarter with 90%+ straight-through cash posting rates.

Cash Application
Cash Application

Streamline Accounts Receivable with Award-Winning Cash Application Automation

Today’s AR teams are challenged to process a high volume of diverse paper and electronic payments coming into the business through various channels. Remittance is often separate, and re-keying information between screens is common.
DadePay Cash Application works easily with your existing bank lockbox to increase efficiency and reduce bank and keystroke fees.
Accounts receivable staff can also scan check and remittance information.
Patented technology with machine learning and AI for payment re-association and invoice matching drives industry-leading touchless processing rates.
All checks collected are immediately deposited at your bank and a posting file updates your AR.
Carter Lumber

“Implementing DadePay was a win-win for us. Our peak days have been reduced from 2½ days to less than a day. We were able to continue with our growth plans, improve our efficiency and provide better customer service with no additions to our staff.”

– Jeff Seder, SVP Carter Lumber

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Curious to learn more about how DadePay’s automated cash application solution can drive real results for your business? View our infographic Automated Cash Application by the Numbers: Real Success Metrics from DadePay Customers

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