Level-Up Your Remote Deposit Capture

For businesses or banks, DadePay Remote Capture combines deposits with cash application.

Remote Deposit Capture
Remote Capture

Remote Capture eliminates time-consuming cash application steps for AR.

Unlike traditional RDC (remote deposit capture) solutions that only help with the deposit, DadePay Remote Capture also accelerates cash application.
Checks and payment remittance are captured in one easy step that posts remittance data and updates billing systems.
Depending on your payment volumes and channels, your business can take advantage of full page scanning and/or a mobile app compatible with iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.
The Bank of Tampa

“The bank itself has experienced much greater efficiency and we’ve been able to introduce enhanced functionality to our clients, improving their experience and increasing satisfaction. The clients are now experiencing a better repair and deposit rate with 100 percent readability. They also appreciate the improved self-service capabilities—they’re able to reset their own passwords now as opposed to calling in to the bank, which saves them and us time.”

– SVP Director of Operations, Bank of Tampa

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