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Integrated Receivables Management

DadeSystems created a secure suite of AR Automation products to make life easier. Our payment processing software helps business owners increase efficiency, helps banks of all sizes attract and retain more customers with new treasury solutions, and helps improve loan processing for credit unions. Via secure cloud computing and flexible open-source programming, we can continue to innovate and keep up with the rapid changes that occur in the payments industry.

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The DadePay


DadePay was created from its inception as a SaaS application that runs with all popular browsers without depending on any operating system.  The systems advanced accounts receivable (AR) automation software leverages an open-source technology stack that is proven, robust, and secure. This allows us to operate our technology infrastructure with an impactful cost advantage over that of our competition.


The DadePay product suite shares a common code base and is designed with a patented inference engine that achieves the highest industry invoice matching rates.  DadePay uses the most current automated AR technology such as responsive design and Google-like searching of any element of data to deliver innovative payment processing systems accessibility, usability, and intuitive design solutions.


DadePay’s payment AR automation software was designed using open source technologies that are built with the Java-based Ruby on Rails framework. Our expert development team utilizes Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology that allows us to implement new features and modifications very quickly, typically within days, versus the months associated with traditional development methodologies.


Integrated Receivables

DadePay Integrated Receivables Automation

DadePay Integrated Receivables Automation is a payment processing software designed for financial institutions to offer cost-effective, fee-based remote lockbox services to their business customers. DadePay Integrated Receivables Automation is a browser-based cloud solution to minimize compliance requirements.

DadePay Remote Deposit Capture with Integrated Receivables Automation

DadePay Remote Deposit Capture is our advanced merchant capture solution for both the web and mobile channels. Through this AR automation software, merchants can deposit checks and remittances from any desktop or smart phone. DadePay RDC can be easily upgraded to Integrated Receivables Automation.

DadePay Invoice-to-Cash AR Automation

DadePay Invoice-to-Cash AR Automation is a straight-through-processing solution that captures all incoming payments, including cash, checks, ACH, EFT, and credit cards. Using patented algorithms for our industry leading payment automation processing software, payments are automatically matched to open invoices. DadePay then creates an image cash letter for checks to be deposited at your bank and updates your ERP system

DadePay ePayment Customer Portal


DadePay ePayment Customer Portal delivers electronic bill presentment capabilities that prompt customers via email or text alerts to make their payments anywhere, anytime using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. Customers can make or schedule payments using ACH or credit cards.

DadePay Mobile AR


DadePay Mobile AR is our automated AR technology specifically designed for field reps to capture payments (cash, check, ACH and credit card) along with the remittance information. Using a smart phone or tablet, DadePay Mobile AR is optimized in one simple workflow. The automated payment process is completed through integration with DadePay Invoice-to-Cash AR Automation or Integrated Receivables Automation.

DadePay Mobile PayNow


DadePay Mobile PayNow brings the speed and convenience of digital pay to check payments. It speeds up cash application and improves your customers’ overall experience. DadePay Mobile PayNow is the new way to manage check payments—even for customers who don’t or can’t pay electronically.

Loan Servicing Software

DadePay Loan Remittance Servicing

DadePay Loan Remittance Servicing automates the processing of loan payments and deposits received by the credit union.  Payments and deposits are electronically scanned and matched to your members’ loans which virtually eliminates manual processing.  Members loans are updated on your loan servicing system.

DadePay ePayment Member Portal

The DadePay ePayment Member Portal allows your members to receive electronic notifications of their loans by email or through text messages. By utilizing our automated payment processing software, members can make or schedule payments by the web or with their smart phone.  All portal payments are automatically processed in the DadePay Loan Remittance Servicing solution.