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Traditionally only the largest banks have offered integrated receivables treasury management solutions that were targeted for larger, high volume businesses.

DadeSystems integrated receivable products enable your bank to expand its current treasury services or start offering solutions to support your small to medium businesses.  Corporate treasury services allow you to attract new customers, provide services to existing customers, generate new revenue and solidify your relationship with small to medium business customers.

DadePay Integrated Receivables Solutions For Banks

Integrated Receivables




Remote Deposit Capture

Mobile AR

ePayment Customer Portal

Mobile PayNow

DadePay’s Payment Solutions for Banks offers an integrated suite of products for your business customers.

 DadePay Integrated Receivables Automation

DadePay Integrated Receivables is a straight-through processing solution that utilizes robotic processes to automatically capture all incoming payments, including cash, checks, ACH, EFT, and credit card. Using patented algorithms and machine learning, payments are automatically matched to open invoices, and are posted to the ERP system and all check payments are electronically deposited. ERP system integration can be real-time using API integration, or via file transfer at the business’ selected time intervals. Payment and data files can be imported from lockbox, web/biller portals, RDC and/or other payment processing engines.


Business customers are set-up and are completely segregated so you can tailor your level of services to each customer’s specific needs.  The process for your business customer is simple and provides a valuable fee-based service for the Bank.


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  DadePay Remote Deposit Capture with Integrated Receivables Automation

Most banks today offer remote deposit capture to allow your customers to receive credit for their checks.  But that only solves half of the problem.  Accelerate your RDC customers with DadePay RDC for Banks.  DadePay RDC for Banks allows you to capture the check and the payment remittance information in one easy step.  The customer receives their check deposit at your bank but has the added benefit of receiving a posting file of those payments. The posting file updates their ERP or accounts receivable system of their customer’s records.


DadePay Remote Deposit Capture can operate with scanners for higher volume businesses.  For smaller payment volumes, DadePay Mobile AR can be utilized to provide a cost effective RDC solution for all business customers.


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  DadePay Mobile AR

DadePay Mobile AR is designed for the business customer by capturing the check and remittance information just like using a desktop scanner.  Fully supported in both IOS and Android, DadePay Mobile AR captures the check deposit and the remittance payment information.  All checks are deposited at your bank and the remittance information is captured to update the business customers’ accounts receivable (AR). The app is designed to minimize the data entry, so the user just selects the customer and takes a picture of the check and remittance information.  DadePay Mobile AR also handles any payment, including cash, checks, ACH remittances, and credit cards.


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  DadePay ePayment Customer Portal

The DadePay ePayment customer portal is an integrated portal that your customers can receive payments.  Fully automated to the Integrated Receivables suite, the portal allows your business customers to receive payments from their customers by ACH and credit cards.  ACH payments can be scheduled and will be processed by your bank.  The business can also offer credit cards payments through the ePayment portal.  All payments are matched against the open accounts receivable and the business receives a post file daily.  The DadePay ePayment Customer Portal offers a compelling service that only the largest companies have today, offered by your bank.


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  DadePay Mobile PayNow

As ubiquitous as electronic payments are in today’s digital age, there will be times when you simply have to take payments by check—from new accounts without established credit, accounts with collections holds and when you need to collect payments quickly from customers who still want to pay by check, to name a few.


DadePay Mobile PayNow is the solution that merges the need to accept check payments with the speed, accuracy, automation and convenience of mobile payments.


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