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Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Customers’ payment processing is complicated because they control how and when they pay you. Most businesses receive many types of payments including cash, checks, electronic payments, and credit cards. Receiving different payment types through different channels usually involves a combination of manual and semi-automated workflow processes. Disparate processing workflows creates inefficiencies and negatively impacts your days sales outstanding, a key metric in managing how well the accounts receivable is being managed.

Streamlining your payment processing with one solution across all payment types and channels is the goal.  However, many solutions in the market today make that promise, but are inefficient because they utilize multiple applications branded from one company to try to solve the problem.  At DadeSystems, our commitment is any payment, any channel, with one integrated cloud solution.  DadePay automates the invoice-to-cash application process to increase efficiency and accelerate cash flow.

DadePay ePayment Solutions For Business

Invoice-to-Cash AR Automation

ePayment Customer Portal

Mobile AR

DadePay for Business offers an integrated suite of accounts receivable automation products for your business customers.

  DadePay Invoice-to-Cash AR Automation

DadePay Invoice-to-Cash AR Automation is a straight-through-processing solution that captures all incoming payments, including cash, checks, ACH, EFT, and credit cards.  Using a browser with a scanner attached, your AR staff easily scans check and remittance information to begin the process. DadePay can also be used with your existing bank lockbox and improve your operations and reduce your Bank costs significantly.  Receiving electronic payments is automated by using patented technologies to re-associate the payment information to the deposit.  All checks collected are immediately deposited at your bank.  DadePay creates a posting file to update your customers’ AR.


Benefits of DadePay’s Accounts Receivable Automation Software

  DadePay ePayment Customer Portal

The DadePay ePayment Customer Portal delivers powerful electronic bill presentment and payment capabilities to your B2B or B2C customers.  Once self-enrolled, customers can make ACH payments one-time or schedule payments for future processing dates.  You can also accept credit card payments (with surcharging if applicable) at the customer level.  Using responsive design, this browser based application will deliver the same experience to 
your customers whether on 
a phone, tablet, or desktop. The ePayment Customer Portal is customized to your logo’s, branding, colors, and even the terminology of your invoices, so you can present the information that’s most helpful to customers in making payments.

Benefits of DadePay ePayment Customer Portal
  • Fully integrated with DadePay Invoice-to-Cash AR Application
  • Payment received in the portal are 100% matched to AR
  • ACH payments are originated with a NACHA standard file
  • Fully branded with the business’ colors and logos
  • Shopping cart payment checkout process similar to the largest eCommerce sites
  • Credit Card Integration available with no PCI compliance requirements

  DadePay Mobile AR

DadePay Mobile AR removes the operational challenges of accepting payments in the field. Most commercial mobile deposit services offered through your bank only captures the check deposit.  DadePay Mobile AR is designed for the field rep to capture the check or ACH payment and the remittance information in one simple process.  The mobile app workflow is optimized so that the user selects the customer and the payment type, takes a picture of the payment and related documents and the process is complete.  The mobile app can also account for the receipt of cash and be enabled to accept credit cards.  You can even email a receipt to the customer.

Benefits of DadePay Mobile AR
  • Fully integrated with DadePay Invoice-to-Cash AR Application
  • No images or data is stored on the mobile device
  • Android OS and Apple IOS certified
  • Users are easily provisioned in DadePay administration
  • Mobile first responsive design so the app is automatically optimized for the tablet or smartphone
  • Eliminates the manual processes of field reps accepting payments and calling, faxing, or emailing the information to the office

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