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Benefits of DadePay Invoice-to-Cash AR Automation Software


DadePay Accounts Receivable Automation Software offers benefits that create positive cause-and effect relationships for your business. Credit for your customers is restored quickly, so you can manage credit limits more favorably and drive more revenue growth. With DadePay’s automated AR software, there are fewer payment exceptions which improves customer service. The Accounts Receivable team will become more efficient which results in significant labor-savings, so you can keep staffing costs down today and in the future as your mix of payments increases and changes.

DadePay Invoice-to-Cash Accounts Receivable Automation Software Provides These Key Benefits:


  • Dramatically saves processing time by automating the entire cash application process with one integrated solution
  • Processes all payments including cash, checks, ACH, EFT, wires, and credit card
  • Machine learning for advanced payment re-association and invoice matching resulting in greater straight-through processing rates
  • Significant cost-savings: One customer reduced AR costs by over 50% annually for significant ROI
  • Increased AR staff productivity yields significant labor cost savings
  • Reduces DSO (days sales outstanding) and improves payment support and tracking, resulting in fewer AR credit write-offs
  • Lowers total AR processing costs
  • Cloud solution can operate either centralized or with remote processing locations
  • Highest industry invoice match rates
  • Advanced analyzation technologies require No manual effort to “rope” or “template” invoices
  • Electronic payments can be received in multiple file formats, including PDF, email, CSV
  • Business rules can be automated to for additional processing options
  • Payment exceptions are managed and cleared with simple point-and-click technologies


There are many benefits of Accounts Receivable Automation software, and with Dadepay you can be sure to maximize your payment processing efficiency and decrease your costs. If you want to learn more, contact our professionals, or request a free demo of our AR solutions!