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Benefits of DadePay Mobile Payments for Businesses


DadePay’s mobile payment solutions allow field reps to capture the check or ACH payment and the remittance information in one simple process. DadePay Mobile AR reduces cumbersome manual data entry so field reps can focus more time on customers. DadePay Mobile AR is easy to use and even handles the cash application process and sends a consolidated electronic deposit to the bank. You can even email a receipt to the customer. This simple one-click process eliminates the manual processes of making deposits and then calling, faxing, or emailing the office with the account payment information.

Benefits of Mobile Payment Software


  • Fully Integrated with DadePay AR Automation
  • Users are managed within a single solution
  • Unified cash application workflow process
  • Checks and remittance information is captured in one simple process
  • Checks are deposited using image cash letter processing
  • Remittance information is captured for automatic cash application
  • For check-only payments, DadePay AR matches to open invoices or can post to account
  • Receipt of cash can be tracked and automatically updates the customer’s AR
  • Email receipts can be enabled for your customer
  • Certified in the app store for IOS or Android and optimized for each device
  • Consolidated deposits streamline bank reconciliation
  • Images are never stored on the device
  • Checks can be destroyed immediately after capture or based on your company’s retention policy
  • Light IT touch for fast deployment


If you want to learn more about the benefits of our mobile payment solutions, contact our professionals, or request a free demo of our automated solutions!