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Benefits of DadePay ePayment Member Portal


DadePay’s ePayment Member Portal delivers powerful electronic bill presentment capabilities that prompt account holders via email and text alerts to make their payments anywhere, anytime, using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer—making it easier for them to pay you fast.

DadePay ePayment Member Portal provides these key benefits:


  • Fully integrated with DadePay AR Automation
  • Portal payments are processed using the same AR workflow
  • Simple registration process for immediate portal access by members
  • Member can pay immediately or schedule payments
  • 100% auto-match of all payments
  • Automatic creation of NACHA ACH files for processing with your credit union
  • Full credit card integration available
  • Enables credit card payments at the member level, including surcharging and fees
  • No PCI compliance requirements; portal uses tokenization with your card processor
  • Complete branding and customization of portal to match your invoices
  • Extends your payments channels to allow convenience for your members without operational impact


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