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Benefits of DadePay Mobile PayNow for Credit Unions


DadePay Mobile PayNow brings the speed and convenience of digital to check payments. It speeds up cash application and improves your customers’ experience. DadePay Mobile PayNow is the modern way to manage check payments—even for customers who don’t or can’t pay electronically.

DadePay Mobile PayNow provides these key benefits:


  • Eliminate mail time and check float to get paid faster
  • Make it more likely for delinquent accounts to pay you while you’re top-of-mind
  • Make it easier for customers to pay you by eliminating the need to prepare and mail check payments
  • Expedite payments for new customers while they establish credit
  • Add automation to traditionally manual payment and reconciliation procedures
  • Improve accuracy by requesting and collecting payments electronically


If you want to learn more, contact our professionals, or request a free demo of our automated solutions!