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Without DadePay, your manual reconciliation and cash application process is costing you approximately $ per month.

With DadePay, you can save $ on an annual basis. Your first month’s savings of $ is achievable after a short 60-90 day implementation. Wow!

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ROI Calculator
Carter Lumber

“Implementing DadePay was a win-win for us. Our peak days have been reduced from 2½ days to
less than a day. We were able to continue with our growth plans, improve our efficiency and provide
better customer service with no additions to our staff.”

– Jeff Seder, SVP Carter Lumber

Monthly Savings, realized within a quarter:

…and the savings is the tip of the benefits iceberg. What else can you expect when your business adopts DadePay?

  • 90%+ of payments posted straight through – and the ability to handle any payment from any channel
  • Reduced exceptions, errors, write-offs, and DSO
  • Improved ability to scale your AR team to handle business and payment volume growth
  • Options for enabling customer payments via online portal or mobile
  • Technology that works in harmony with your ERP and bank relationships
  • Easy implementation and ROI in 60-90 days

Wurth Canada Logo“Due to the automation in DadePay, we’ve been able to reduce 16 hours of daily work to about 4 hours.”
– Michael Malone, Credit Manager/Company Compliance Officer, Würth Canada