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Use our ROI Calculator to discover how much you could save with smarter AR that enables your organization to auto-match, validate, and post payments.

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Without DadePay, your manual reconciliation and cash application process is costing you approximately $ per month.

With DadePay, you can save $ on an annual basis. Your first month’s savings of $ is achievable after a short 60-90 day implementation. Wow!

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ROI Calculator

Understand how Accounts Receivable (AR) automation can drive tangible business improvements.

Your business can see payback on their upfront investment in DadePay in less than 90 days and continued savings, scalability, productivity, and efficiency.

Where does ROI on Accounts Receivable (AR) automation from DadePay come from?

  • Opportunity to save on AR staff costs by more efficiently scaling and deploying the team you have instead of increasing headcount.
  • 75-80% time-savings on per-payment processing costs for AR staff plus any field team members who collect and deposit payments.
  • Per-check savings by eliminating lockbox keying.

How will AR automation help your team work smarter?

  • Reducing the time spent on manual tasks helps you repurpose AR staff to more strategic areas of AR, such as managing credit, collections, or customer inquiries. For example, DadePay customers have been able to maintain existing staff levels while their business grew 3x.
  • Achieving straight-through cash posting rates of 90%+ helps reduce costly and time-consuming errors or unnecessary customer inquiries.
  • Providing a faster and more positive payment experience will increase customer satisfaction and speed credit replenishment, ultimately helping to grow sales.
  • Enabling customers to pay in modern ways, such as through an ePayment Portal or in-person via a sales representative’s mobile device, will position your business as innovative and easy to work with.
Carter Lumber

“Implementing DadePay was a win-win for us. Our peak days have been reduced from 2½ days to
less than a day. We were able to continue with our growth plans, improve our efficiency and provide
better customer service with no additions to our staff.”

– Jeff Seder, SVP Carter Lumber

Monthly Savings, realized within a quarter:

…and the savings is the tip of the benefits iceberg. What else can you expect when your business adopts DadePay?

  • 90%+ of payments posted straight through – and the ability to handle any payment from any channel
  • Reduced exceptions, errors, write-offs, and DSO
  • Improved ability to scale your AR team to handle business and payment volume growth
  • Options for enabling customer payments via online portal or mobile
  • Technology that works in harmony with your ERP and bank relationships
  • Easy implementation and ROI in 60-90 days

Wurth Canada Logo“Due to the automation in DadePay, we’ve been able to reduce 16 hours of daily work to about 4 hours.”
– Michael Malone, Credit Manager/Company Compliance Officer, Würth Canada