AR Automation For Construction & Building Suppliers

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Automate cash application across your distributed operations to drive reductions in cost and complexity.

Accounts Receivable Pain Points for Construction & Building Suppliers


  • Legacy technology and processes have not kept up with high business and payment volume growth

  • Distributed operations with multiple locations and bank relationships can add complexity and cost to AR

  • Customers often make payments at storefront locations in order to be cleared to buy more goods

  • Sales reps may need to collect payments in the field upon delivery, requiring time-consuming trips to the bank

  • IT resources are scarce and spread thin across internal projects

AR Solutions for construction and building suppliers

How DadePay Can Help

  • A full suite of AR automation solutions provides cash application, mobile payment collection, and portal capabilities
  • Achieve straight-through cash posting for 90%+ of your paper and digital payment transactions
  • Enable your team to scale for growth by creating efficiencies
  • Improve customer service and sales rep productivity by arming them with mobile field payment collection technology
  • DadePay AR Automation solutions easily integrate with any ERP(s), deliver ROI in 60-90 days, and complement bank lockbox solutions
  • On-shore support is available when and how your business needs it

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“Throwing more people at this problem wasn’t the answer, as we had to regain control of our cash application processing while continuing our growth into new markets.”
-Jeff Seder, Senior Vice President, Carter Lumber

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