AR Automation for Food and Beverage

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Streamline payment collection and cash application. Reduce costs, accelerate customer credit replenishment, and improve field employee productivity.

Accounts Receivable Pain Points in Food and Beverage


  • Food and beverage companies often serve a mix of small, medium, and large customers who may all pay in different ways, complicating AR

  • Frequent customer deliveries mean AR teams deal with a high volume of invoices and payments, plus pressure to replenish customer credit quickly

  • Sales reps and delivery drivers pick up payments directly from customers in the field—customer service they love to provide but that can mean downstream delays, costs, and risks while employees find a bank or get payments back to corporate locations

  • “Out of the box” AR Automation capabilities may not meet nuanced process requirements

  • IT resources are limited

How DadePay Can Help

  • Automate the capture and application of any payment type with DadePay Cash Application, Mobile AR, and ePayment portal capabilities
  • Auto-match and post 90%+ of payments with AI and machine learning
  • Replenish customer credit faster, avoid credit holds, and reduce costs because payments are quickly applied
  • Enable sales reps and drivers can accept, deposit, and apply customer payments, directly from a mobile device
  • Meet all custom and food and beverage requirements due to DadePay’s customizable solution
  • Achieve ROI in 60-90 days since implementation is easy with existing ERPs and banks

We’ve Partnered with Food & Beverage Companies like these

Gordon Food Service
Cheney Brothers
Jackson Family Wines
Wine Warehouse

One of the largest independent food distributors in the U.S. reduced the overall cost to serve by 30% and enabled their 5,000 sales reps and drives with mobile payment capture capabilities.

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