AR Automation For Manufacturing

No matter what your business makes, we can help make cash application simple and streamlined.

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Auto-match, validate, and apply any paper or digital payment type received from any customer.

Accounts Receivable Pain Points in Manufacturing


  • Manufacturers face a high volume of invoices and incoming payments in various formats

  • Checks are highly manual and electronic payments can be disassociated from critical remittance information

  • Getting paid timely is important, and customers need quick and easy ways to pay

  • Teams are pressured to drive efficiency and reduce write-offs, charge offs, and processing costs

  • Expansion and growth may result in business unit and ERP complexity, exacerbating cash application challenges

  • IT resources are in high demand

AR Automation For Manufacturing

How DadePay Can Help

  • Cash application automation makes it easy to accept, match, and apply any payment received through any channel
  • Streamline matching by leveraging AI to read payment transactions and remittance documents
  • Easily reassociate disparate remittance to electronic payment transactions
  • ePayment portal and mobile payment capabilities provide fast and convenient customer payment options
  • DadePay AR Automation solutions easily integrate with any ERP(s), deliver ROI in 60-90 days, and complement bank lockbox solutions
  • On-shore support is available when and how your business needs it

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“How can we automate the application of payments? We knew automation was critical to freeing up our accounting staff to spend more time focused on more meaningful customer interactions.”
– Brent Ringenberg, Controller, Haas Door Company.

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