AR Automation For Transportation, Logistics, & Fleet Management

Your business is on the move. Don’t let manual AR processes slow access to cash.

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Automate cash application across your distributed operations to drive reductions in cost and complexity.

Accounts Receivable Pain Points in Transportation, Logistics, & Fleet Management


  • High volume of invoices with manual reconciliation processes

  • Distributed operations that create banking complexity

  • High lockbox volumes and keying expenses

  • Complex billing structures which make payment matching challenging

  • IT resources are in high demand

AR Solutions for transportation and logistics

How DadePay Can Help

  • Cash application automation enables you to achieve 90% straight-through cash posting rates across all paper and digital payment types
  • AI-driven payment matching overcomes lockbox shortcomings for paper and digital transactions, reducing keystroke fees
  • Reduction in manual processes drives down costs
  • DadePay AR Automation solutions easily integrate with any ERP(s), deliver ROI in 60-90 days, and complement bank lockbox solutions
  • On-shore support is available when and how your business needs it

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Gordon Food Service

Learn how a top food distributor reduced AR costs by 30%.

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